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The podcast features Chris Vernon's (The Chris Vernon Show) interview with Josh Luchs subject of the Sports Illustrated's October 18th cover story "Confessions Of An Agent" from Tuesday October 12, 2010. Chris and Josh talk about his story which will be featured in the October 18th issue of Sports Illustrated. This podcast features audio from Chris Vernon's (The Chris Vernon Show) interview with Sports Agent Josh Luchs from Tuesday October 18, 2010.

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  • John

    It’s despicable how shady agents have gotten and what they constantly get away with, such as what Luchs admitted. I hope the NFLPA, States, Schools and the NCAA will accept some advice and the wake-up call. It is now or never. I am glad the story was published, but am an agent that is absolutely against him and any “stage” that comes from his “confession.” He said he did this to change his legacy as a “thief.” So, he’d rather his legacy be of one who cheated the rules, then got suspended, and then took some 30 players’ reputations down with him? I don’t get it.

    The piece substantially let a cheat excuse and justify himself because he “helped” some guys. According to the NFLPA, he has only been the agent of record for THREE players. And for him to name the names of 3 deceased players that cannot defend themselves, well, that is offensive. I hope some “fair time” or responsive comments can be published to show the other side of this issue and/or what the NFLPA’s findings were. According to the decision, the NFLPA, CARD & the arbitrator found that Luchs PERJURED himself, took fees from Wichard & attempted to hide it by having his attorney deposit it. He was also sanctioned by the California Court according to allegations. If you want to read that book Chris, it is already out. Tank Black wrote it and represented a whole heck of a lot more talent than just about any agent of his (or our) time. That is the movie. This is a commercial… I hope. Oh, and Tank may even personalize it for you. I got mine in a few weeks ago.

    I’ve never met the guy and don’t know his situation, but the only thing we agree on is if the cheaters are not punished now, swiftly and severely, there is no fixing the corruption. Great interview. Interesting story. However, my mother’s words keep ringing in my ear… always be leery of a liar.

    Oct 13, 2010 at 2:15 am